Ariane endormie - CORNEILLE VAN CLÈVE

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CORNELIUS VAN CLEVES, or CORNEILLE VAN CLÈVES, was a scluptor of considerable eminence, born in Paris in 1645. His family were ori ginally from Flanders. He first studied in the school of Augier, where he made such progress as to become the assistant of his master in some of important works. In 1671 he gained the Grand Prize of the Academy, entitling him to the royal pension, when he went to Rome for study, remaining six years.... Van Clèves labored successfully at his art at Paris, at Versailles, and at Marly. (Source: Clark, S. (2009). Famous Sculptors and Sculpture: BiblioBazaar).



Ariane endormie by Corneille VAN CLEVE Ariane endormie - Les Jardins du Château - 78000 VERSAILLES

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